granny laughing Hey, kiddo! This is very fresh and might still be buggy.
Report all your problems to jade on Discord and have fun!

CelesteNet is an online multiplayer mod for Celeste, using the Everest mod loader, made with a lot of love and sweat.
It completely replaces the previous GhostNet mod from 2018.

Press T to talk.
Use the right stick for emoji and click it down to send it.
Emotes can be set up in the settings file found in your saves folder.
Press tab (KB) or select / back (controller) to open the player list.
Send /help in chat for a list of all commands.
Listing all features on this website would be harder than just giving it a try.

Boring but important stuff:
Both mods are created by 0x0ade, who also hosts the main servers.
By connecting to any server, no matter who's hosting them, some basic information (IP address, nickname, messages, ...) gets logged temporarily to prevent abuse and to ban spammers.
Linking your account via Discord is opt-in and only uses the user info endpoint for your user ID, nickname, discrim and avatar. All that info is already public if you're using Discord.
That information cannot be used to determine your actual identity, unless you f.e. provide that information via chat on your own. That would be similar to yelling the same info out loud to all the people around you.
This website tells your browser to stay logged in using a cookie.
Feel free to contact the server host if you want to be wiped from those logs or your Discord info to be deleted.
Bans can no longer be appealed. Enough "second chances" have been wasted and those who were banned the first time usually haven't shown any improvements no matter how sorry or nagging they were.

If you need any help, have any suggestions or want to access the source code, feel free to join the Celeste Discord server and ping 0x0ade.


  • The server is up, hopefully.