An online multiplayer mod for Celeste.

granny laughing Hey, kiddo! This is very fresh and might still be buggy.
Report all your problems to the CelesteNet Team on Discord and have fun!

What is CelesteNet?

CelesteNet is an online multiplayer mod for Celeste, using the Everest mod loader, made with a lot of love and sweat.
It lets you join levels together with your friends or complete strangers, even jumping on others' heads and throwing them across pits if you want to! There even are some multiplayer-exclusive maps and custom game modes for you to experience already, and more in development by the community.

⚠️ Please read and follow the CelesteNet Rules when connecting to CelesteNet.

ℹ️ Got any questions? Check out our new FAQ page for in-depth answers to the most common questions!

How do I play on CelesteNet?

First, make sure that you've installed Everest (loader) via Olympus (manager).
Click on the "Download CelesteNet" button above, then click the "1-CLICK INSTALL" button on the latest version.

Once you're in-game:

  • Go to your mod options and connect to CelesteNet there.
  • Press T to talk.
  • Use the right stick for the in-game emote wheel and click it down to send it.
  • On keyboard, use the number keys 1 - 9 to send in-game emotes.
  • Emotes can be set up in the settings file found in your saves folder.
  • Press Tab (keyboard) or select / back (controller) to open the player list.
  • Send /help in chat for a list of all commands.
  • Check the FAQ page for any further questions!

Boring stuff:

The CelesteNet server is hosted by 0x0ade. The source code is available on GitHub and is being maintained by multiple people.
Hosting your own server is possible, but not advised and is very "do it yourself." Instead, it's much easier to create a private channel (/help join).

Connecting to any server will share some basic information (IP address, nickname, messages, ...), which then gets logged temporarily to prevent abuse and to ban spammers and other misbehaving players.

Linking your account via Discord is opt-in and only uses publicly available user info.
That information cannot be used to determine your actual identity, unless you decide to disclose your identity yourself.
Feel free to contact the server host if you want to be wiped from those logs or your Discord info to be deleted.

The only exception to creating an account being opt-in is when the server is in lockdown mode. This happens very rarely and only when absolutely necessary, f.e. when enough guest accounts keep evading bans. Don't ruin the fun for everyone, please.

If you need any help or have any suggestions, feel free to join the Celeste Discord server and ping @CelesteNet Team.
Not everyone with that role is a CelesteNet dev. Think of it more as a support team.