CelesteNet Rules
Community Rules for the online multiplayer mod CelesteNet.
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CelesteNet rules? Heck yeah it does!

Jokes aside, let's be real — any community needs some rules and guidelines, to make sure everyone is having fun and feels welcome to participate.
That is why we've adopted/adapted the rules of the official Celeste Discord server to cover CelesteNet as well.

These rules apply to global chat and the default channel of "main".

(For other channels, especially private ones and whispers, we usually don't actively monitor those as much, but please try to also stick to the rules there!)

Failure to follow the rules will result in warnings, kicks and ultimately bans, as deemed necessary by the Team.

We, the CelesteNet Team, try to always have an eye on what's going on in CelesteNet and its global chat, but we can't guarantee to always catch everything as it happens.
So if you see someone breaking these rules, something makes you uncomfortable or someone is trying to ruin your CelesteNet experience, please report it to us in the #celestenet channel on the Celeste Discord.
You can also contact one of the members with the @CelesteNet Team role in DMs if you want.

CelesteNet Rules

  1. Please only use English for conversations in global chat and the "main" channel, as extended discussion in other languages is difficult to moderate.
    (This rule does not apply to other channel chats, private or otherwise, nor does it apply to whispers!)
  2. Don't harass or discriminate against others, including using slurs or words in any way that put down a specific group of people, even when not used to refer to those groups. Changing or censoring a banned word in an attempt to bypass this rule is prohibited.
  3. Discussion about NSFW, disturbing, or malicious content is not allowed. We want CelesteNet to be family-friendly, so your content should remain appropriate for all users. Swears are allowed in moderation.
  4. Be respectful and understanding of others, and avoid making people uncomfortable or otherwise ruining their fun. We all get upset at times, but negativity should stay at a reasonable level, as it drains everyone else.
    This especially also applies to venting rage, anger and frustration in general chat.
    If you are having thoughts about self harm it is important to talk to someone trained to help you, so be sure to look into local resources for people who can help you help yourself.
    Finding help online: Suicide.org lists International & US hotlines.
  5. Don't cause or contribute to drama. This includes discussion about politics, religion, gossip about other people, and any other controversial topics, as they often cause unnecessary arguments.
  6. No spamming, such as posting chains of emotes, excessively long text, or gibberish.
  7. User profiles, including but not limited to Username, Nickname, and Profile Picture, as well as (public) channel names are subject to moderation in accordance to the rules, in particular rules 2 and 3.
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